Work/School Lives:           Let's Talk Champ!

Mass shootings across the US and especially those in our schools continue to shake this country.  In order to turn things around, what can we all do?


This book... this INVITATION TO COMMUNICATE will help!


I am working to make this required reading in every school across the United States.


The annual opportunity to introduce students to this invitation to communicate is essential. It will serve them well throughout their lives.


God Bless!


Contact me at:


  • Corporate environments:
    • If you'd like to use this in your workplace as a training guide resource, I'm happy to offer each copy at $12.50 each, original or each copy signed, at your discretion.


  • Schools/Libraries;
    • If you'd like to add this great resource to your classrooms and shelves...
    • Only $11.00 each, original or signed, at your discretion.
    • It is my goal and it would be an honor to have this title ordered and used every school season so every student, parent and staff member can benefit from this genuine and positive resource!


God Bless!

Below, here are the full color (awesome) frames featured throughout this book... INVITATION TO COMMUNICATE :)!

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