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My Father Died This Morning

The most emotionally impactful memoir you will ever read!

Orcinus X

What happens when a super elixir, meant to cure an ancient ocean plague affecting all area fish, is used to nurse a female Killer Whale back to health?
Her caregivers didn’t know she was pregnant.
Orcinus Orca is the scientific name for a killer whale.

What did they just help to create?

Let's Talk Champ!

written for students, this is an 

invitation to each reader to share their thoughts & feelings about (6) key emotions.


Let's re-learn how to help ourselves and offer to help others.

Other People's Money

Wanton and gratuitous... GREED. 

Rarely, the criminal mind confesses but here, we've captured the who, what, where, how and why this ultimate scheme was developed. But who is confessing?

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