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His amazing medical history and how we dealt with everything together!
The most emotionally impactful memoir ever written!
Thank you for visiting my father's tribute book website. I hope you choose to purchase this great tribute and resource. My father survived tremendous medical odds, multiple times, and always with a smile!
Just as the cover picture is a powerful statement, the title I selected for my father's tribute book is probably the most direct and powerful title you've seen as well and for good reason. I hope that once you have read this account in its entirety, you will agree that both are appropriate.
  • This is the only book ever written that is signed with DNA; see my fingerprint on the bottom right hand corner?
  • I did that in honor of my parents, of my whole family, of my father's friends and for everyone who ever sees and/or reads this ultimately moving account.
I'll never forget the conversation I had with my father during our May 2008 New Mexico golf trip. We discussed my solemn and dedicated interest in writing this account. This conversation is about the only thing I did not share in the tribute book itself. With his blessing and with my mother's immediate blessing (the strongest person I'll ever know) in October 2008, I wrote until I literally fell to my knees.
It amazed me at the time and will always amaze me in that when I was able to write this account, it just flowed out of my mind like turning on a faucet; my father's warrior spirit guided me!
The tears I shed while writing and editing this account would easily fill a river but the smiles I've captured will last forever!
With this limited first printing, it is my hope and continued determination to attract a major publisher who I hope will offer to print a new version in color, as this account was intended.

The (.pdf) version of this solemn memoir renders perfectly on my Pandigital eReader, desktop PC and on my phone. In full color, this is the most emotionally impactful book you will ever read! Contact me directly for this or any other inquiries or purchase requests for my self-published offerings, including my recent and fourth book,


Other People's Money - The definitive Ponzi-scheme jailhouse confession

I hope that by sharing his medical history with you, we will have helped you learn some things about these respective surgeries, procedures, conditions, and prescriptions in support of those you love. God Bless!

All I know is that I'm getting these stories out of my head, like my dad encouraged me so I'll keep doing this, trying to offer up more engaging and exciting stories that everyone can enjoy.


I've got some fun and interesting stories on tap so stay tuned :)!

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Tyrus Anthony Wong
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