... she's here ...Orcinus X!

  • Just look at that gorgeous and DEADLY crystal-blue eye!
  • The glossy cover on this slick 6" x 9" urban/fantasy-fiction book is absolutely amazing!
  • Get a copy and learn her name because you'll love reading about her mother (Xie-xie; 'thank you' in Chinese), her brother (Jimmie-lei) and learning all about their incredible adventures in the East and South China Seas!
THE SEQUEL ... book#2
  • Chapters are all laid out and some are written...
  • Final proof cover design is complete and it is DEADLY AWESOME!!!
  • Hoping to have this published by mid-2024!

Two new books for my "X" series...

  • Chapters are all laid out!
  • Cover designs are complete and gorgeous...!!
  • Hoping to have these published by late 2024/early 2025.
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