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I believe there are many great aspects to take away from this account: Whether you embrace this account for its relationships and family connection aspects, medical and clinical aspects, survival aspects, or spiritual aspects, I hope you'll embrace it all the same!
As you'll read for yourself, it was written with the heaviest of hearts but with a glad smile from my heart and soul, 100% from my parents, my father, my family, my friends, and myself, for all of you!
Thank you and God Bless!
I've become so inspired by my parents that I have literally been writing like crazy!

Here's what is becoming a typical occurrence for me these days:

My dad's warrior spirit and energy is always streaming through me but this was truly wild... I can't explain it and why even try?
I've tiled my bedroom with an absolute black granite tile that I got a great deal on from the closing "Great Indoors" superstore in Broomfield about a month ago.
I've been working on this project, off and on, for the past month and just last night (020212), I finished grouting enough of the floor to start putting some things back in place and out of the way (hallways and other rooms filled and cluttered, now back to normal). :)
So I'm sitting there just taking a moments rest staring down at the new granite floor where I've placed four special sea-grass green fossil limestone tiles and
BANG?!?!?!?! - a new writing project filled my mind!
My eyes tear up and then a huge smile takes over my face. Chapter ideas race into my mind and basically, the book is ready to be written so as I'm working on SOUL EVIDENCE, I'll work on this project too :)
Thanks Pop! - I hear ya!
It will be done! :)
  • 4/01/14 - It happened again :)!
Here's the final cover I designed:
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