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Leveraging my full 25+ year experience with anything and everything to do with "data", "reporting" and "documentation" I offer to you this unique and fully customizable service catalog to help support your business.


As you can see from my Orca IT services logo, I can provide the following data, reporting and documentation services for you, as well as any other short-term projects that you'd like for me to tackle.


In my experience, these critical project tasks often get left behind or are left incomplete. No longer... call me and let's talk about your needs and hire me to get these done for you once and for all.


  1. If you require a background check, I'm happy to oblige immediately and fully so just let me know or we can get started as soon as we come to an Agreement.
  2. I think you'll find my hourly rate ($30/hr.) well within market standards and honestly, a genuine bargain for the work I will complete for you.
  3. You can specify a cap on the total # of hours I work on your project, daily/weekly to help you control costs and
  4. You can also specify on-site only, remote work or a combination of the two.


In short, I'm the story-telling, results-driven, puzzle-solving resource you seek and need to get these projects completed. 


Straight-forward and truly resourceful:


Application/system documentation,

3rd-party developer liaison and documentation support,

On-boarding documentation; in support of HR or recruiting activities,

Process improvement; discovery, change recommendations, system enhancements, workflow/process-flow design using MS Visio, map-making, office-layouts, etc.

Business requirements gathering/proofing/all communications with stakeholders, in support of any department; Sales, Operations, Finance, HR, Legal/ Compliance, Marketing, Developers, Security, etc.

Data analysis; including any respective ETL upload/download processes, data cleansing, large record-set sorting/analysis; from multiple systems, end-user reporting, charting of results, presentation development, etc.

Change Management project documentation; ramping up quickly and learning your proprietary system and documenting business system procedures, screen mock-up design, writing user guides, UAT support and guides, developer guides, QA/Test/Sand box environment processes, formal CAB project support, training guides; all technical and non-technical writing projects.


Again, anything and everything in your realm of data, reporting and documentation needs... I'll get it done!






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